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    GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE is an independent music blog that caters to the unknown sounds ranging from Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock, Soul, R&B and remixes that are discovered and wanting to be shared.

Sophia Danai and Brevner Collaborate In Heartfelt “Bitter” Music Video

I wanted to explore and talk honestly about the unresolved feelings at the end of a toxic relationship; hurt, longing, thoughts of revenge. The end of my relationship was one of the hardest times in my life, but one of the most illuminating. I think it’s important to let yourself go through the whole process, … Continue reading


Vic Mensa and Joey Purp Visit Sway In The Morning With A Dope Freestyle

About a month ago during an interview on Sway in the Morning, Rapper Vic Mensa mentioned a fan who he was in communications with was a huge fan of Sway and would be the only celebrity he would be star struck over. A month later, Mensa was back on the show and brought the fan! … Continue reading


M.I.A Drops New Explosive Music Video For “Go Off”

One of my favorite artist M.I.A, just released her latest music video “Go Off” which is off her upcoming album A.I.M. It is said that this may possibly be her final album. The music video features Skrillex and Blaqstarr (who also produced it). The music video shows off a series of explosions in a deserted … Continue reading


TrapX Art Show Available on SmugMug

  For the longest time, I was trying to find a home for all my photos that I take. For the longest time, I held onto photos because either people will rip them and claim them as their own or credit me yet put crappy filters over it. So I just didn’t bother posting them. … Continue reading

siaira shawn

HEYGIRLHEY! San Francisco Soul Songstress Siaira Shawn

As I’m up late at night listening to music in search for something which is a usual routine for me, I come across the beautiful voice of Siaira Shawn. Shawn is a singer, songwriter from San Francisco, CA but currently in Los Angeles. She has a very addictive and sultry tone in her spirit that … Continue reading

beach baby

London’s Indie Band Beach Baby Release “U R” Music Video

London’s 4-piece indie band Beach Baby’s just released their charming music video “U R.” The video was directed by Eoin Glaister (3x UK Music Video Awards nominee). They have also  announced their World Wide Tour. They are set to hit cities that include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Philly, Seattle, Chicago the UK and EU. Some of … Continue reading

bloom twins amnesia

Bloom Twins Release Sultry Music Video “Amnesia”

Last month, Genetically Impossible featured Bloom Twins in HEYGIRLHEY! Now, the Bloom Twins released the sultry music video “Amnesia.” The music video was shot in black and white with the ladies in similar toned outfits that brought a beautiful minimalist feel to the shot. At one point, they abstract black body paint across their body … Continue reading

adult karate

Meet Los Angele’s Electronic Producer Adult Karate

If you’re fans of the Gauze-and-Gossamer Electronic outfit duo Radar Cult, KC Maloney has re-created himself as a solo artist by the name of Adult Karate. Just recently, he debuted his track “So Low” from his forthcoming EP LXII. The melancholy beat and sweet vocals of Adaline won me over. He also shares another dope … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.109

“The moment you put a deadline on your dream, it becomes a goal.”-— Harsha Bhogle ENJOY.

white lung

White Lung Shares Visually Appealed “Dead Weight” Video

White Lung just released their new music video “Dead Weight.” “Dead Weight” is off their project Paradise which is out now via Domino Records. The video was directed by John Stavas. I really liked how they took it up a notch in the speed of the video and aligned it just right with the sound and … Continue reading

mr carmack

Featured Sound: Mr.Car/\\ack

There’s one word I haven’t used in awhile which is “eargasm.” I used it a lot in college when I would play a new track on the radio that I went bananas over. I am not saying I haven’t experienced the pleasure of listening to dope music in awhile because I have BUT as my … Continue reading

joey purp

Meet Hip Hop Artist Joey Purp

“Because you listen to Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper, here are some artists that we would recommend to you….” Joey Purp. I knew the name sounded familiar but I needed to look deep into it or it’ll drive me nuts! Then after reading his affiliation with SAVEMONEY records and involvement with projects like Surf … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.108

You always face the greatest struggle, the greatest opposition, the greatest discouragement right before the breakthough. Keep believing in yourself. ENJOY.

the rebel light

The Rebel Light Releases New Music Video “Strangers”

It’s always like I mention a lot, to hear new and great music come to my inbox. Being a blogger, brings great pleasure to know that I could use my platform to showcase many different artists from all over the world. In my inbox, I received a music video by The Rebel Light called “Strangers.” … Continue reading

zig zags

Punk Trio Zig Zags Releases “Giving Up The Ghost” Music Video

Not very often will you see me post about a punk rock band. As you know by now, I usually post Hip Hop, R&B, Indie and Electronic music. But every now and then, I’ll get a punk band that catches my attention. This time around it’s Zig Zags from Los Angeles. They are a 80s thrash … Continue reading


Meet The Artist: Volmer

This is just the right sound that I was looking for. A little bit of house, a little bit of soul and a lot of dancing my little feet off.  From the Scandinavian label DISCO:WAX (KIll J, Felix De Luca, Kato), The collaboration with Zalon and Volmer brings you to the dance floor with the soulful … Continue reading


HEYGIRLHEY! Los Angeles songstress Zealyn

Zealyn is an Alternative/Electronic artist from Los Angles who just released her debut EP Limbic System that features tracks “Sleep On It”, “Limbic System” and “Overwhelmed.” Aaron Marsh who is featured in “Overwhelmed” also produced and co-wrote Limbic System at his studio in Florida. The EP delivers beautiful vocals over percussive soundscapes and a burst … Continue reading


Meet LA’s Soulful Duo Nicky Davey

Nick Green and Dave Rosser formed Nicky Davey back in 2011. It all started organically with them just connecting music until they discovered that it was more than just making music. There’s something out there that they needed to show to the world as they’re constantly revamping their sound. Lead Singer Nick Green’s has done … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.106

“Success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you’ll be successful.” @dillionaire ENJOY.


London Based Artist Youngr Shares “Out Of My System” Music Video

I came across this London based artist on Facebook. I saw a video of his live rendition of Temper Trap which is was super dope. What caught my attention the most from him was the fact that as an individual, he was performing as if he was a 5 person band. His sound is very … Continue reading


Featured Sound: VILLAS

Recently, I got the opportunity to interview Toronto duo VILLAS. Last month, VILLAS (Miel and D’Ari) dropped their latest EP Medicine and music video “Fuckin Round On You” which explores the touchy limitation and boundaries on cheating via stock footage. It’s very dark and interesting to view. During the interview, we spoke briefly about their EP and … Continue reading


Meet the Artist: Vritra

Vritra (formerly known as Pyramind Vritra) is Los Angeles based rapper/producer who music you definitely need to check out. Hailing from Atlanta, GA he has worked with numerous dope artists including Odd Future (The Jet Age of Tomorrow), The Internet and Stones Throw Records. His debut album Yellowing has a twist to his previous work … Continue reading

#theOXYMORON No.105

“You can’t control what happens to you but you can control your reaction and master external events rather than letting them master you.” @idllionaire ENJOY.


HEYGIRLHEY! Oakland’s R&B Songstress Samaraia

  He got my heart in one hand/And my soul in the other. I initially came across up incoming R&B singer Samaria through Instagram. She showed up on my explore in a photo with fellow Bay Area artist Kehlani. Of course the curious mind wanted to know who she was. Was it a friend, a … Continue reading

Meet Canada’s Experimental-Pop Vogue Dots

Vogue Dots (Babette and Tynan) formed with the joint passion of experimental-pop-tronica between the two. The Canadian pair had a continuous energy that was made to create something beautiful. They are not only musicians and singers, but also songwriters and co-producers of their work. Being described as ‘siblings with differences’, their previous EP led the pair … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.104


teen body

Featured Sound: Teen Body

I got the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to interview Brooklyn lo-fi/dream pop band Teen Body. Their album “Get Home Safe” is set to release June 17th so please be on the look out! Can you give us a history of your background as an artist individually and together? Alexander French:  Oh god. Individually: ambivalent … Continue reading

bloom twins


“Divinely dynamic yet dark sisterly harmonies” – The Guardian To me, this week’s HEYGIRLHEY features is more like a HEYGIRLSHEY with London-based (Ukraine born) Bloom Twins. I’m a sucker for female artists especially downtempo, sultry, R&B ones. They always catch my attention and remind me that if only I knew how to sing or play … Continue reading


Iconique releases 80s inspired music video “Sitting Pretty”

When I first hear 80s inspired, I think disco, glam, bright lights and suits in a dream-like state. All of this you will see in Iconique’s latest music video “Sitting Pretty.” I am really into this era because everyone is doing everything as a collective. This includes their outfits, dancing and overall tone. “Sitting Pretty” … Continue reading


Get To Know Electronic Artist Tobacco

When I think of Tobacco, I think back during my college radio days when I would blast Electronic music through the radio airwaves. One of those artists was Tobacco. What attracts me first to initially listen to an artist is the album cover. With Tobacco is was Tobacco’s second album Maniac Meat. It had a … Continue reading

USA. Muhammad ALI.

#theOXYMORON No.103

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.” – Muhammad Ali ENJOY.



  “I’ve always been a fan of words that are onomatopoeic and a couple of months back when a friend used the word ‘vapid’, it just stuck with me. An image and story started to form in my mind of a girl who is insecure and builds a cookie cutter facade that hides whatever beauty … Continue reading

album leaf

Meet The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf has been making its mark as a soft-spoken innovator steadily and surely since 1999. One year after forming the influential San Diego instrumental group Tristeza, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle founded The Album Leaf, a solo studio project turned full-fledged live band. The diversity of The Album Leaf’s music is second only … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.102

Everyday is another chance for you to shine. Don’t dim your light by being stuck in the past. Recreate yourself! ENJOY. xxxo, Bittersweet❤



Her smile is addictive and then you hear her voice. It is very charming and seductive. STELLA sings to your soul. My only thing is why have I just heard of her but in a way, I’m happy that Terrorbird has introduced me to STELLA. Daughter of Carlos Santana, STELLA brings a contrast of a dreamy … Continue reading


Meet Seattle’s DIY Electro Duo NAVVI

Seattle’s DIY electro duo NAVVI will release their debut album Omni this week. To be exact May 27th via Hush Hush Records. The artistic collaboration of Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger brings a dope magnetic and captivating presence. Their confidence take on brooding, propulsive, darkly-lit synth-pop has been on display over a steady string of self-released … Continue reading


Iceland’s Secret Solstice

(Photo Credit: Brynjar Snær) I was never much of a festival kind of person but after reading about  Iceland’s Secret Solstice, the first thing that pops into my head is “Wow.” They have just released their fifth and final lineup announcement for 2016, as well as announcing the day-by-day schedule for artists performing over the summer solstice … Continue reading

junius meyvant

Junius Meyvant Releases Neon Experience Music Video

Junius Meyvant  releases his first official music called Neon Experience which features his life in his little town in Iceland with his little son. Meyvant has recently caused some big waves in Scandinavia after being the star of the Icelandic Music Awards-winning Best Newcomer and Best Song as well as being nominated for Best Male Singer and Best Song … Continue reading


Check Out New York’s Psychedelic Duo Corbu

A combination of chillingly beautiful synth instrumental sound and introspective whispery vocals, with a lava lamp aesthetic.” NYLON New York’s Corbu are streaming the new track ‘Through Emptiness’. Taken from their recently announced debut album Crayon Soul, the dream-like ‘Through Emptiness’ floats on its spaced-out synths carried by its blissful yet haunting melody. Much of … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.100!

It’s the big 100! It’s hard to believe that I’ve posted 100 #theOXYMORON playlists for this series. It’s also very exciting at the same time. This all started as a play off my radio show when I was at 90.5 KSJS (San Jose, CA). My Sunday morning show was called #theOXYMORON and I was in … Continue reading

pantyraid (1)

Featured Sound: Pantyraid’s “Afterglow”

  “Think dirty bass lines, neon synths and hip-hop attitude — like the soundtrack for a sleazy mid-century strip club, where the cyborgs working the poles all have a blown circuit or two.” -LA Weekly Pantyraid’s first project since the viral album Pillowtalk in 2013, DJ/production duo Pantyraid, a pairing of The Glitch Mob’s Josh Mayer … Continue reading

pack ad


Destruction and melody, acid wit and bruising vocals—this is The Pack A.D. Singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller have made a sound so gigantic, so fierce and raw and empowering, that it’s easy to forget there are just two people behind this brilliant, carefully constructed havoc. Shredding and pounding their way through every song, … Continue reading

ronnie heart

Meet Ronnie Heart

Ronnie Heart is the moniker of stylish Latin-american R&B/Funk Singer Songwriter and guitarist Ronnie Gierhart. Heart’s love affair with music and dance started early on through his El Salvadorian/Colombian parents and break-dancing at youth centers and dance companies in his south Houston neighborhood. Upon moving to North Texas in 2002, Heart played guitar for a number … Continue reading


#theOXYMORON No.99

I’m a true believer of thought power. You literally attract everything you think, feel, and talk about. Energy is contagious. ENJOY.

step rockets

Featured Sound: Step Rockets “Future Nature”

Minneapolis band Step Rockets just recently released a new EP called Future Nature via Harbour/Caroline Records. It didn’t take long for Step Rockets to take off. Their self-released single “Kisser” found its way to #1 on the Hype Machine charts just two weeks after its release despite virtually no publicity. The track has since garnered … Continue reading


LA Duo TeamMate Releases “Nothings Ever Over” Music Video

The indie pop group TeamMate is composed of Dani Buncher (vocals, drums) and Scott Simons (keys, synths, vocals). The two were romantically involved for several years before Buncher came out and ended the years of calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. At this point, their love and chemistry went down a new path and was channeled into … Continue reading

annabel jones

HEYGIRLHEY! Annabel Jones

Once upon a time, pop stars tore up pictures of the pope and cursed out the Queen on television. Most days, that era seems long dead. We live in a landscape where being on-brand trumps truth. The end result is that mundanity wins. Annabel Jones is looking for the antidote. “You can’t keep putting out … Continue reading

cc mose

Meet Brooklyn’s Singer/Songwriter CC Mose

“I want to see sideways, when I’m looking straight ahead, and I want to know what death holds for me” Chris Robbins is a NYC-based songwriter taking cover under the alias CC Mose. Bridging the gap between lo-fi darling and sun-burnt hymnist, Robbins quietly reminds us throughout his 12-track debut record Beat Me that the record that not even the warbliest, … Continue reading


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